Sportchief Unisex Heated Gloves

Sportchief Unisex Heated Gloves


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Did you know that our Sportchief heated gloves have compatible Bluetooth technology on your cell phone? 

Thank you Sportchief! 

To spend good days outdoors, nothing better than having this type of product. This extends the pleasure! You can choose between the mode manuel or the fashion Bluetooth with your cell phone to activate the heat. 

In the product packaging, clear instructions will allow you to scan the QR code (the small square) which will take you directly to the Smart Wear application (Google Play for Androids or Apple Store). 

You will be able to choose when to leave the heat, how long to keep it and what degree of temperature you need.  

Black heated gloves for men or women: 

  • Thermal bonded insulation
  • 3 modes (low / medium / high)
  • Maximum capacity of ±6 h at low intensity
  • Li/ion batteries
  • Wrist ties for proper adjustment
  • Drawstring to keep the heat in

Sizes: S-M (M sizes) • L-XL (XL sizes)

Additional batteries also available - see # 956177-112

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