À la pêche avec Raymond Carignan

Fishing with Raymond Carignan

With 50 years of experience, Raymond Carignan has fished in the most remote places in the world. He is not afraid to say it: 12 months a year, rain or shine, Sportchief products go fishing with him.

“I have used my Sportchief all over the planet, even in Cape Horn, at the very south of South America, almost in the Arctic. “, describes Raymond Carignan. From Alaska to Cape Horn, which is a very dangerous place, with extreme conditions, to the Yukon, to the Northwest Territories, to Chile, even to Patagonia, where the weather has never been good! We had rain, slush, hail…I've been everywhere with Sportchief and I've always been very happy with my equipment! »

He particularly remembers a fishing trip to Chile, where members of the government as well as journalists had accompanied the group of fishermen of which he was a part. “They came from San Diego and they are not used to these conditions! They had never seen snow in their lives. I repaired them with Sportchief equipment, because they were really cold. Lucky we were there with tuques, because I think they would have frozen to death! » he says, laughing.

More recently, during a boat shoot, Raymond Carignan was able to test the extent of the capabilities of the fishing set Poseidon G3. “I was with a cameraman, on a boat, on Lake Saint-François, to fish for bass. There was a weather alert and we had to get out of the water because it was dangerous, but we didn't have time. It happened like a wall of water! We all had our Poseidon costume, the guest, the cameraman and me, and lucky that I had it! It was windy, rainy… I had never seen that, water falling like that. The cameraman, we hid him in the boat with the roof, and I stayed outside so that he could take the video footage! I was very happy to have my Poseidon! I stayed dry, I felt good and I finished my day! »

Even if the anecdotes he tells refer to bad weather, Raymond Carignan reminds us that fishing clothes must always be a priority, even in less extreme conditions: “A fishing trip can last between 3 and 7 days. The priority is to have good clothes that protect against biting insects, sun, heat and cold. Must also to be well shod, because you can do 12 to 14 hours a day on your feet. »

Sportchief: a prestigious name

It was after meeting the owner of Sportchief at a sports show more than 20 years ago that Raymond Carignan began his association with the brand. Over the years, he has witnessed the pride that drives the Sportchief team: “It’s a prestigious name, since 1946! I see the pride of those who work in the company. It's a name synonymous with efficiency and, of course, performance. » Raymond Carignan recalls that Sportchief is one of the few Quebec companies to offer hunting and fishing clothing and equipment: "It's a homegrown company, and there aren't many in Canada [like Sportchief]. I find that very motivating, because most of the sponsors are American companies. »

Patience and thoroughness

Not only is Raymond Carignan not stingy with anecdotes, he willingly shares his advice. Fishing enthusiasts can therefore benefit from its 50 years spent catching different kinds of fish.

"First, when you find a fishing area that seems productive, you have to be patient and try different techniques before leaving the area," he recommends. You don't just have to cast a few lines and change right away... The big fish are more and more educated, they don't bite the first time. » The fisherman also advises washing with an odorless soap before going fishing, as fish have a very sensitive sense of smell. This advice also applies to lures: “You can add smells and tastes to lures. Fish like it with taste, any little garnish, it's the same as with humans! It also masks odors of gasoline or oil, etc. »

Raymond Carignan reminds us that a single place can be good for several kinds of fish. “If you fish for trout, salmon and landlocked salmon, the place can also be good for walleye,” he suggests. Don’t forget to take the water temperature into account! On the surface or at depth, you have to find the most pleasant temperature for the fish. The more comfortable the fish, the better your chances. »

Regardless of the advice and the technique, one thing is certain: Raymond Carignan will continue to fish, and this, with its faithful Sportchief products!