Vivre de la chasse : la passion de Dan Lavoie

Making a living from hunting: Dan Lavoie's passion

Guide, hunter and trainer: in the field of moose hunting, Dan Lavoie wears many hats. It is without hesitation that he says that Sportchief has been by his side since the very beginning of his passion, 27 years ago.

"It's been since I've been a hunter and I can buy clothes and accessories that I know Sportchief. I was the kind of guy who picked up little pennies every week, and three weeks before the hunt, I would go shopping, sometimes on the sly! » laughs Dan Lavoie. “I am one of those who like to dress in beautiful hunting linen, but above all good hunting linen. »

For Dan Lavoie, Sportchief's expertise lies largely in the team of enthusiasts that make up the company: “Sportchief is made by hunters, for hunters. The team listens to us a lot. During a hunt with Jean-François Brouillette [the director of the Sportchief banner], I brought him some ideas and it was put to work this year. »

Exceptional clothes

Hunting guide for 10 years, Dan Lavoie explains that he had the opportunity to try a range of Sportchief products. Year after year, these are always a guarantee of satisfaction. “By becoming a hunting guide, I became equipped with 100, 200, 300% Sportchief products, and I am more than satisfied. »

The garment he recommends for sure? The silent camouflage set of his good friend, Jason Tremblay Morneau. "It's by far the best I've seen for what I practice, moose hunting, very close," says Dan Lavoie. In all my trainings, without exception, when I talk about hunting accessories, I always, always talk about Sportchief silent clothing. Since May 4, I give training almost every weekend, and I always talk about hunting clothes, especially when I teach hunting nearby, because it is essential. I also wear these clothes in the videos I present in training, and people ask me a lot of questions about it, they often contact me afterwards to find out what clothes I was talking about. I can't imagine wanting to buy anything else. »

Dan Lavoie also remembers a time when he was able to demonstrate, live, the benefits of Poseidon G3 rain suit : “I was with a client to go and do an assessment in a territory, there was heavy rain, I think he fell 45 mm… the client wanted to hand over, but I couldn't see him again until 2023 because my schedule was full, so I went anyway, with my Poseidon G3 set. The client was so impressed that he wrote back to me to find out what brand my clothes were! »

Extensive expertise

Field analyzes are only part of the expertise of Dan Lavoie, who specializes not only in moose hunting guidance, but also in the analysis of cartographic territories and training for hunters. His passion eventually led Dan Lavoie to set up his own company, Dan Lavoie Guide. Since 2022, he has therefore been 100% self-employed. "Now I only live from hunting!" » he exclaims.

The advice that Dan Lavoie systematically gives to the enthusiasts who follow him is to go back to basics: “Hunting is a matter of pleasure”, he points out. You have to practice this as a family, and above all, do not neglect the family for this! He reminds us that respect for game must be essential: “A lot of people are reckless and don't practice before they shoot. If you shoot and you're not sure, call the bloodhounds, out of respect for the game. »  He adds that the hunter's ethics implies respect for his brothers and sisters: “Everyone has the right to pursue their passion. »