Mario Huot, chasseur nomade

Mario Huot, nomadic hunter

If most Quebec hunters have the habit, come fall, of isolating themselves for a few weeks while hunting, Mario Huot works at a completely different pace. Indeed, for 21 years, the owner of Aventure Express has traveled the globe to hunt around the world. His favorite place? Africa.

“I would describe myself as a nomadic hunter, an exotic hunter, summarizes Mario Huot. I guided moose for 19 years, and I wanted a change, that's when I left Aventure Express, an agency that organizes hunting packages for amateurs from all over the world. »

His passion prompted Mario Huot to become the owner of an outfitter in South Africa, where he hunts several times a year: “I hunt all over the world, but Africa is my hobby. There are 42 species there, so a lot of diversity compared to what we have here. I specialize in plain game, or everything there is in industrial quantities: kudoo, antelope, warthog, etc. »

Mario Huot says he dreamed of Africa for a long time: “My first hunt in Africa was a childhood dream. The first time I wanted to go there, my parents told me that I had to learn English, French, maths… my mother was right! I went to university in marketing accounting, and from the moment you know how to count and speak in English, you have no limits on earth, so my dream came true! At the time, it was extremely expensive. As soon as I picked up my money, I found myself in Africa and it was the sting. »

Hunting clothes, a priority that never goes out of style

Obviously, the climate and the territorial particularities of Africa mean new challenges for hunters. “There are not many possibilities of camouflage in Africa, recalls Mario Huot. In the savannah and the bush, what you see are small thickets 3 feet high. Camouflage is more difficult, we must develop new strategies. » The hunter is unequivocal: clothing must be the priority of hunters, regardless of where they practice their sport: “ Having the right garment, at the right time, to protect against odors is the key to success. Because when you are not comfortable in what you wear, you suffer, you are hot, you suffocate. And when you're gone, you can't come back and change your clothes! »

Thus, from Africa to Newfoundland via the mountains of British Columbia, Mario Huot is always perfectly equipped, in particular thanks to the coat Windshield from Sportchief who has earned his trust because of his versatility: "The hunting coat Windshield, it is a water-repellent windbreaker that is a great all-rounder! » He explains that he prefers the X-Unity Light color, perfect for the many places where he hunts. “If you go to Africa, to Newfoundland, to the rockies in British Columbia, the colors are perfect. If you want to be sure not to miss your shot, this is the ideal product. »

For hunting in North America, the hunter highly recommends the waterproof camouflage suit Predator : "It's the suit I have on my back almost full-time in North America. It does the job 100%! »

A tip to remember

To moose hunters who will soon experience their first weeks of annual hunting, Mario Huot reminds one thing: “ Moose have two very keen senses, hearing and smell. When we call we make him come to us, but he needs to guarantee that it is true, what he has just heard. This is where urine comes into play, because he needs his sense of smell to confirm to himself that everything is correct. »

Indeed, even though he has his outfitter in Africa, Mario Huot still spends a good part of the year hunting in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada: “My slightly exotic hunts are all done in January, February, March and April. Afterwards, I arrive in Quebec in time for the turkey hunt, then the bear hunt… in mid-June, I take a few vacations, and afterwards, we clan for moose and elk: Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. »

Need a hunting outfit?

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