Sportchief X Jason Tremblay Morneau : la chasse à l’orignal en vedette

Sportchief X Jason Tremblay Morneau: moose hunting in the spotlight

Well known in the hunting community in Quebec, Jason Tremblay Morneau puts his 23 years of experience as a hunter to good use and inaugurates a brand new collection in collaboration with Sportchief. Completely silent, the Jason Tremblay Morneau collection was designed with one thing in mind: moose hunting.

“The most important thing for me was a set of black color! » says Jason Tremblay Morneau. "There were none on the market, so it absolutely took this: a black suit that does not make noise, with lots of pockets to put all our [gear]", he adds.

For Jason Tremblay Morneau, clothing is the basis of any good hunt: “Before even setting foot in the woods, people have to be well dressed. Already there, they increase their chances [of harvesting]. That's why we developed sets with Sportchief. »

Black, an obvious choice

If the choice of a black outfit may seem counter-intuitive, Jason Tremblay Morneau explains that this decision in fact corresponds perfectly to the needs of moose hunting: “In all other hunts, you want to be camouflaged, but with moose, it's something else. His eyesight isn't good, so if you stand facing forward and don't move quickly, he'll think you're another moose, while if you stay hidden, he won't see you and won't come out. » Jason Tremblay Morneau mentions, however, that a black suit requires changing an old habit: “A lot of hunters have the reflex to kneel down to shoot, but if you kneel down with a black coat, in the eyes of the moose, you are a black ball that looks like a bear. »

The hunter points out that moose hunting enthusiasts now have to deal with the increased suspicion of animals, which adds to the need for quiet clothing, one of the main features of his collection: "A moose who calls himself, but who hears the rustling of clothing immediately afterwards, he will not come," says Jason Tremblay Morneau. Moose have figured out that a call, more often than not, is a human and not a female. » He explains that, if we want to outsmart the animal, it is now necessary to attract it using two of its senses: "It's a good idea to leave moose urine in the corner where you call, but more and more, we call as little as possible. We will rather favor other sounds such as snorts or noises in the water. Pretending to urinate also helps. All you need to do before you call are really important things that make it easier. »

Jason Tremblay Morneau remembers a day in September 2015 when he saw how essential the sense of smell is for moose: “I went to practice in the woods to try to learn some sounds. Every year I do this: I try to call the moose and see what sound works, etc. After a while, I saw a male, and I started [trying sounds] with him. It lasted 2 hours: he was approaching, leaving… then I came across THE sound, a kind of “U” that trembles. All of a sudden, he turned around and he came 2, 3 meters from me, then he did a flehmen [to smell the pheromones]. I understood that the sound I had just made was the female in heat. In all my life, I've never seen anyone succeed in sniffing a moose like that. For him to check if I am the female in heat, he was really convinced. »

“Bar gold. »
When asked if he is happy with the result of his collaboration with Sportchief, Jason Tremblay Morneau has no hesitation: "It's gold in the bar. I have nothing to complain about, this is the set that I will recommend to everyone. » However, he recalls that the suit was designed for walking in the forest: "It's a suit that's made for walking, not for sitting and waiting. Something I do, if the temperature drops to -4, -5, is I put two suits on top of each other and I'm good all day! » he laughs, admitting he already has three copies of his eponymous set.

Hunters, an important clientele in the eyes of Sportchief
Anxious to offer its products to as many fans as possible, Sportchief has ensured that its collaboration with Jason Tremblay Morneau is also available for women. Moose hunters will therefore be able to equip themselves in the same way as their male compatriots. A little more fitted, the women's version of the collection has the same characteristics as the men's version: black color, absence of membrane and multiple pockets. The initiative is in line with the values of Sportchief, which offers multiple hunting and fishing sets for women.

The collection Jason Tremblay Morneau is available now on the Sportchief website.