Women's Hunting Coats and Jackets

We understand the importance of comfort during long hours of waiting for the hunt or during a magnificent hike.

That's why our hunting coats and jackets are designed to offer an ergonomic fit, allowing optimal freedom of movement without compromising protection. 

You would like to complete your selection with hunting trousers - Click here.  Or find among  our selection of hunting boots which one would suit you? Would you like to know a little more about the technologies or simply youfind the perfect carry bag

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15 products

15 products

Hunting coat for women "Express 2.0" sportchief
“Wilson” hunting jacket for women sportchief
"Rode-liner" jacket for women camo "The Ripper" sportchief
Women's Rode-liner Water Resistant Jacket sportchief
Women's hunting coat "The Hunting Beast" Jason T. Morneau's Collection sportchief
Hunting jacket "Dynamo 2.0" for women sportchief
Hunting camo coat "Windshield" for women sportchief
Hunting camo coat "Windshield" no membrane for women - Edition Jason Tremblay Morneau sportchief
Fleece hunting jacket for women sportchief
"Dynamo" hunting coat for women sportchief
Women's Sleeveless Heated Jacket "Lizabella" sportchief
Long heating coat with hood for woman sportchief
Women's Heated Jacket sportchief
"Concorde" women's hunting coat sportchief
Hunting coat "Jupiter" for women sportchief