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Sportchief's ScentZro technology is a breakthrough innovation for hunters. An antibacterial treatment that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria is applied to the fabric of clothing and boots, making hunters less likely to be detected by game and increasing their chances of success.
This is a major breakthrough in hunting, giving hunters a new weapon that increases their effectiveness in the field.


Durasupple fabric is a new standard in technology for hunters. The design combines lightness, durability and comfort for exceptional performance in the field. Thanks to its innovative composition, this fabric is strong enough to withstand the toughest conditions while offering unparalleled freedom of movement. Whether in the mountains, in the forest or in the marshes, this innovative fabric ensures an optimal hunting experience.

Neon System®

The ceramic coating of the Neon System technology offers an effective solution to regulate the temperature inside your liner. This ceramic layer helps retain body heat to maintain an optimal temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, for optimal comfort. Embrace this technology for even more enjoyable hunting adventures.


Designed by Sportchief's R&D team, the AquateX membrane offers superior protection against the elements. This membrane makes clothes and shoes waterproof from the outside, but retains their "breathability" from the inside. This membrane wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you dry even in rainy weather. Products with the AquateX membrane are a wise choice for those looking for reliable and long-lasting protection against the elements while ensuring optimal comfort during outdoor activities such as hunting.


LXS technology is a revolutionary innovation in the construction of stretch fabrics and materials. It allows you to create clothes that adapt perfectly to your movements, while remaining adjusted. Garments designed with LXS technology provide unparalleled freedom of movement, no matter which direction you move. your clothes will stay comfortable and not limit you. LXS technology is the ideal choice for types of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who seek ultimate comfort in their clothing.


Primaloft insulations offer a synthetic alternative to natural down. They have similar compressibility and warmth characteristics, while being water repellent. This characteristic allows them to retain their thermoregulating properties even in the presence of humidity, making them an ideal choice for outdoor activities in humid or rainy conditions. Plus, their similar weight to natural downs makes them a practical option for adventurers who want to travel light while staying warm. Primaloft insulation is an effective and reliable solution to staying warm in all weather conditions.

Zip Fit®

Zip Fit Technology is a zippered fit system for outer jackets, providing a custom fit by adjusting the size of the jacket when its removable inner liner is removed. The system allows for an optimal fit in all conditions, with the ability to tighten or loosen the coat to accommodate changes in temperature and activity. In addition to its comfort and versatility, the Zip Fit also offers a modern and elegant design. It's a real revolution in the world of outerwear, offering function and style in one system.

Sofa System®

Sofa technology is a real revolution for lovers of hiking, camping and all outdoor activities. Thanks to its ingeniously placed cushions, it considerably increases the level of comfort when sitting on cold, wet or rigid surfaces. Mainly used in pants, this technology guarantees optimal comfort for hours, allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about the hardness of the ground. With Sofa technology, you can sit anywhere, anytime, with peace of mind.


The Halo system is a heating technology integrated into garments and accessories, using heating filaments to generate heat at different levels. It allows you to stay warm in cold conditions without the need for bulky thick layers of clothing. Controllable via an app or a remote control, it offers personalized and secure heating thanks to integrated safety devices. Ideal for outdoor activities, winter sports or relieving muscle pain, the Halo System offers a convenient and adjustable solution to stay comfortable in a variety of situations.