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Vortex en action Sportchief

"Vortex" hunting boots for men


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Meet Sportchief's "High Cut" hunting boot, designed specifically for the discerning hunter. This boot is renowned for its exceptional waterproofness and stability, giving you unwavering confidence on all your moves.

Featuring a premium "Crazy horse" leather insert, this boot combines durability with style. Its AquateX® waterproofing membrane guarantees total protection against humidity, allowing you to hunt in complete peace of mind, even in rainy weather.

800g Primaloft® insulation ensures optimal warmth in harsh weather conditions, keeping you warm through long hours of hunting. 

The self-cleaning multi-track outsole guarantees optimal grip on various terrains, giving you unparalleled stability on the go.

The efficient lacing system with its riveted D-rings ensures a perfect and secure fit, allowing you to enjoy optimal support throughout your journey.

Trust in the unparalleled reliability and stability of our "high cut" hunting boot and get ready for unforgettable adventures in the field.

  • "Crazy horse" leather inserted
  • AquateX® waterproofing membrane makes the shoe waterproof
  • Isolant 800g Primaloft® 
  • NEON® system
  • ScentZro® System
  • Self-cleaning multi-track outsole
  • Efficient lacing system with riveted D-rings
  • Reliability and good stability

Sizes: 7 to 13

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