Valérie Gauthier, première femme ambassadrice Sportchief

Valérie Gauthier, first women ambassador

We are happy to welcome the dynamic Valérie Gauthier, the first woman of the clan, to the family of Sportchief ambassadors! Passionate about fishing and hunting, she describes herself as an honest, very positive and ambitious person. "I'm always ready for new challenges or projects. It keeps me alive.", she said with a smile on her face. 



The hunt for memorable memories

His oldest memory in connection with moose goes back to his childhood when his father went hunting only with his friends. His mother, passionate and ravenous, called the moose from the second floor just to hear their vocalizations! Once with her darling, that's where Valerie was truly initiated. "At first, I was just spending time in nature and I liked it. I read a lot of hunting and fishing magazines to learn the techniques. My first moose harvest was in 1999. I had done some rattling and then I heard the animal come out of the wood. My heart was pounding in my chest, it was such a strong moment of adrenaline that it sparked my passion for hunting. Then I followed my firearms lessons. Over the years, the whole family has been initiated, the couple's children and now the granddaughters Éléa and Charlotte are taking over. 

On the fishing side, her highlight was during an outing on Lake Abitibi with her partner and friends and where she caught one of her biggest walleyes, a 30-inch beast. 

A proud ambassador
While she's been with her hunter and fisher beau for 30 years, her love affair with Sportchief dates back roughly a decade. It was her mother-in-law who gave her a gift that would change the course of her trajectory. "Before, I used to go hunting and fishing in randomly chosen clothes. With this Sportchief set I realized the importance of being well dressed. Not only did I look good in my coat and my pants, but in the more comfortable and warm I was. Since then, I select the right garment for the right activity that I practice ", she explains. 

Head full of dreams
When we ask Valérie Gauthier about her biggest dream, she does not hesitate for a second before answering that she wants to live her passions until she is at least 90 years old! Until then, she blows out her candles every year hoping to have a bigger fishing or hunting story to tell than the previous season. Beautiful intense and passionate, she does not stop at a single wish however. “I would like to develop clothes for women and have my edition like Jason Morneau. I throw that in the universe!”, she concludes, laughing. 

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