Men's Fishing Sets

      8 products

      8 products

      “Neptune” waterproof jacket for men sportchief
      “Neptune” waterproof overalls for men sportchief
      "New Poseidon G3" waterproof coat for men sportchief
      "New Poseidon G3" men's waterproof pants sportchief
      Waterproof coat "Odyssey G2" for man sportchief
      Waterproof trousers "Odyssey G2" for men sportchief
      Rain coat for men with storage sportchief
      Rain pants for men with storage sportchief

      The new collection of waterproof fishing clothes with membrane Aquatex for men that we offer is specially designed to allow you to fully enjoy your fishing activities, while remaining dry and comfortable, even in wet weather.

      With these waterproof and functional outdoor garments, you can practice your favorite activity with confidence.

      We have also included links in the description of each product to allow you to create your set. This will help you to better search through our varied range.