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10 products

10 products

Orange hunting safety vest Jason T. Morneau "The Hunting Beast " collection sportchief
Dossard Sportchief orange 10 km sportchief
Backpack Cover Orange by Sportchief sportchief
Sportchief Classic Suspenders sportchief
Evisceration apron "Caribou" for big game sportchief
Sportchief camo bathrobe sportchief
Sportchief Quilted Slippers sportchief
Sportchief "Extra Large" Sleeping Bag sportchief
Sleeping bag "Celsius" sportchief

Explore chis collection of complementary items designed to provide you with everything you need to make every outdoor getaway as comfortable and successful as possible. Trust our selection of essentials to complete your equipment and make the most of every moment spent in nature.

Among these you will find here, among others: suspenders will offer you optimal comfort during your travels, while our gutting apron will simplify your butchering in the heart of nature. THE sleeping bags wrap you in warmth on chilly nights.

And for increased security, don't miss our orange bibs, guaranteeing optimal visibility during your outdoor outings. Plus, make sure you always have enough energy with our additional batteries designed specifically to power your heated items.

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