5 endroits de prédilection pour la pêche au Québec

5 favorite places for fishing in Quebec

A text and an experience from Raymond Carignan, Sportchief ambassador

1- The Kiamika reservoir

My haven of peace for landlocked salmon fishing? The Kiamika reservoir, a true jewel of the Laurentians. Its waters stretch over a majestic territory, a nationally recognized natural sanctuary. Here, nature reigns supreme, offering breathtaking panoramas and endless freedom to explore. Not a chalet on the horizon, just the purity of the water, allowing all aquatic activities in complete peace and quiet.

In this enchanting region of the upper Laurentians, the Kiamika reservoir unfolds its vast territory, a true cradle of biodiversity. Its natural, wild and wooded banks are the scene of fruitful fishing. Here, pike, lake trout, whitefish and trophy landlocked salmon thrive in an exceptional ecosystem. Ideal fishing spots abound, promising memorable moments on the water.



2- Lake St-Louis

On the southwestern borders of Quebec, the majestic Saint-Laurent River extends and joins the Ottawa River to give birth to Lake Saint-Louis. This lake gem is actually two lakes in one, each requiring distinct techniques and lures.

The southern part, bathed by the crystal clear waters of the river, requires a subtle approach and lures with natural colors. While in the north, the more turbid waters of the Ottawa River call for bright, fluorescent lures and more dynamic fishing.

The prolific fishing grounds stretch as far as the eye can see: channels winding between large bays, deep pools and other structures housing aquatic trophies.

This waterway is full of legendary monsters, populating sites of unique richness. At a single glance, Lake Saint-Louis reveals its prodigality across the metropolitan region.

Inventories revealed the presence of 80 species of fish, the majority of which are resident. In my eyes, Lake Saint-Louis remains a must for muskellunge, bass and pike fishing.


3- The Gouin reservoir

For me, the Gouin reservoir embodies the kingdom of walleye. My favorite fishing haven for this coveted species. Here, abundance and quality combine harmoniously.

Nestled in the heart of Quebec, two and a half hours from La Tuque, lies the vast territory of the Gouin reservoir, a true fishing legend. Its 1,789 square kilometers of fertile water are the cradle of reservoir fishing fame for walleye.

This inland sea, scattered over a captivating territory, is full of breathtaking landscapes, offering a true paradise to fishermen. The average catch at Gouin is very attractive, with the possibility of capturing real monsters every season.

Here, the space is infinite, and meeting other fishermen in the same day is an exception. The possibilities of doubling or even tripling catches are very real. So let's get to work!

Most catches are between 4 and 6 meters deep, on rock or sand bottoms, and sometimes less depending on favorable conditions.


4- Lake Champlain

When lake trout comes to mind, I think of Lake Champlain.

Nestled between the states of Vermont and New York, this vast lake opens the doors to adventure. Renowned for its natural splendor, Lake Champlain is more so for its abundance of fish.

At 1,125 square km, it ranks as the sixth largest lake in the United States. Its numerous bays provide an ideal habitat for large specimens, while providing protection from violent winds.

Crystal clear, the lake reaches a maximum depth of 122 meters, with an average of 20 meters. Its economic benefits are impressive, reflected in the value of the boats that ply its waters.

Thanks to the importance of fishing, quality free boat launches are available near marinas. Long and secure platforms enhance these impressive facilities.

In such a vast and deep basin, precision is essential. The water temperature is monitored at different depths for optimal results.

Renowned for its purity, Lake Champlain offers the tastiest fish meat. Its vast gravel banks provide prime spawning grounds for lake trout, attracting many enthusiasts

5- The Caniapiscau River


My favorite river for large speckled trout, landlocked salmon and pike.

This magnificent river has its source in the highlands of New Quebec, near the 52nd parallel, before flowing approximately 500 km north to reach Ungava Bay.

The numerous rapids crisscrossing the area, shaped by countless rock structures and pebbles, delight fishermen in search of trophies. The mouths of tributaries, sometimes as vast as the Caniapiscau itself, feed this unique ecosystem, the most complete and productive on the planet.

The spawning sites, large and abundant in quality gravel, offer ideal conditions for the reproduction and survival of all species. Cold, clear, flowing water stimulates growth remarkably.

Here, on the Caniapiscau, even the wildest dreams quickly come true. The variety of fishing methods - fly, trolling or casting - offers a range of options to suit every style and ambient conditions.

The ultra-rapid growth of Caniapiscau predators is favored by the abundance and diversity of their easily accessible food.

If you are looking for the thrill of exceptional fishing in virgin territory, with the promise of catching four species of trophy fish, the Caniapiscau River is your destination. You will then discover why it fully deserves its title of river of records.