Le camouflage dont tout le monde parle

The Camouflage Everyone's Talking About

Finally, a camouflage that allows you to blend in completely with our boreal forests! Sportchief has taken up the feat of superimposing different materials to obtain a camouflage that will allow both hunters and nature walkers to get ever closer to wildlife. 

A text by Manon Rivard. 

Finally the wait is coming to an end as Sportchief presents these days the new camouflage "The Ripper" which will allow the wearer to make stealth to the maximum. "We want for hunters, animal photographers or lovers of nature walks, that they can get as close as possible to the animal they are tracking or admire, to experience a moment of great intensity", underlines Jean-François Brouillette, director of the Ecotone banner, specifying that no other company offers such a proposal in Quebec.

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In reality, the «  Ripper » is more than a garment, it is your essential for the 2022 season.

Most of the camouflages are created and made in the United States or even in Europe, while the hunting or observation environments are completely different. For example, in our southern neighbours, they hunt in the prairies or even in the high mountains. This has nothing to do with a dense forest in Quebec, the marked shadows, the significant contrasts and the luminosity which varies enormously. It takes a camo which blends in perfectly with the environment! After years of research and development, here is finally a proposal that will please all our faithful.

The "Ripper" is made by Quebecers for Quebecers.

A technological innovation
After the success of our X-Unity, this camo that made the reputation of Sportchief, we are pushing the adventure even further. Technology has allowed us to superimpose different materials to obtain a camouflage that really blends all the environments of our ecosystems. “At Sportchief, we always try to be on the lookout for new products and upcoming trends. With this camouflage, there is no doubt that we will be able to meet the needs of our customers,” enthuses the creator of the camouflage, David Côté Tremblay. Designer for the brand since 2008, he drew on his photo archives of the last 15 years to design the right combination of textures, shapes and colors. If the colors are too similar, the one wearing the camouflage becomes a mass easily identifiable by the animal. It takes the perfect marriage, the result of several trial and error of photos and textures mixed, as well as field tests in different environments. “We improved it again and again, and in the end result, we were damn proud! », exclaims the one who is already cooking up an upcoming camo for fall 2023. 

This versatile suit will be useful for both big game and waterfowl hunting. You will deceive the eye of the animal and become a formidable predator.

In our wide range of products, whatever the outfit, we have what you need for the situation you are about to get ready for! Little or big adventure in nature, Sportchief has the piece of clothing that fits your needs.

Nature changes and so do we. Sportchief adapts.
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