Chasse au chevreuil au Québec : Une expérience mémorable pour Valérie Gauthier

Deer hunting in Quebec: A memorable experience for Valérie Gauthier

Valérie Gauthier, our passionate ambassador, experienced an exceptional deer hunt in Quebec. After more than a decade of hunting without harvesting a buck, she and her partner decided to include two deer hunting trips in their schedule.

Persévérance et patience aux chasseurs !

A story by Valérie Gauthier, Sportchief ambassador

The first trip took them west, to Manitoba, where they faced hunting conditions different from those in Quebec, without baiting, with windy and cold temperatures. Fortunately, Valérie was well prepared with her Jupiter Sportchief set.

On her first day, Valérie passed up a beautiful 8-pointed beast, a decision she later regretted, but she learned to accept the consequences of her choices.

A second unforgettable trip
The second trip, to Quebec, proved unforgettable. Guided by Kevin Deschenes, an experienced hunter who had been following a magnificent mature Buck for three years, Valérie and her partner were confident. After many hours of hunting, his partner managed to attract the Buck with a scrape (rattling), which resulted in an encounter with an impressive 11-pointed male. It was a trophy of a lifetime, and the emotions were palpable for all involved, including their guide, who felt a deep sense of accomplishment after his considerable efforts.

A magnificent spectacle
The next morning, Valérie was on the lookout, but with less pressure, because they already had a trophy in hand. However, a female and a calf appeared before her, providing a magnificent sight. Later that day, she decided to try luring a deer using a grunt. Fifteen minutes later, she saw the silhouette of a deer through the trees, still thinking it was a female. To her surprise, she discovered a horn.

Valérie removed the safety of her gun, telling herself that, at worst, it would be a spike for her first Buck. However, when the deer got closer, she realized it wasn't a spike at all. Stress overwhelmed her, her heart was beating at full speed, but with a precise shot, she harvested her first Buck, a magnificent 9-point buck, without suffering. Tears of joy and pride flowed, creating an indescribable emotion.

Valérie a récolté un buck mâle de 9 pointes

(above, Valérie's trophy, dressed with Jupiter the Sports Chief)


A hunt that leaves its mark on stories
This deer hunt has forever marked their memories. Valérie sums up this experience by retaining one key word: “PERSEVERANCE”. She encourages all passionate hunters to never give up or get discouraged, because even after many hours or years, the reward always comes.


The final word
To all her hunting friends, she wishes a future season that meets their expectations. Live experiences as memorable as that of Valérie Gauthier in deer hunting in Quebec in 2022. 

Un récolte plus que mémorable pour Valérie Gauthier



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