Découvrez la chasse au dindon sauvage d’automne avec Mario Huot

Discover fall wild turkey hunting with Mario Huot

Fall wild turkey hunting in Quebec, now extending to zones 3 to 11, is attracting more and more fans. To improve your hunting techniques and your chances of harvesting, Mario Huot, expert in the field, shares his observations with us. Here are some pro tips and tricks for fall wild turkey hunting that deserves to be known. 


An interactive and communicative hunt

According to Mario Huot, turkey hunting is one of the most interactive hunts: “It’s the most interactive, the most communicative hunting, especially for the hunter as such.” The turkey, like the moose, likes to communicate with hunters, which makes this activity exciting. In autumn, although the mating periods are over - since they take place in spring! -, the calls remain effective, notably the " kee kee run " a gathering call which attracts scattered birds then regroups them.




Hunting strategies and techniques

Two main methods are recommended for turkey hunting in the fall: observing the birds' routine in order to know the right location to make your shot or scaring them away to trap them on their return. Our expert highlights the importance of patience: “Patience is the key to success in all hunts.” Camouflage is also crucial, the turkey having impressive visual acuity: "At 30 meters, if you blink, the turkey sees it. It has incredible eyesight up to 1 km. Its mode of survival is its vision. For the bear, it will be its sense of smell and the moose, its sense of smell and hearing. These aspects should never be neglected when tracking them. Moreover, in order to improve your chances of success, you must adapt your camouflage depending on where you set up camp. For example, when you are in a tent, where the interior is dark and black, the Jason T. Morneau black outfit makes sense. Whereas if you are hunting in a pile of rock, the X Unity Light camouflage will be ideal.

Mario shows us in a publication how to measure your harvested turkey

News and equipment

Tungsten ammunition is a revolutionary novelty in the eyes of Mario Huot, although expensive: “We’re talking about $20 per ball… but the result is so effective and good” he explains. Investing in this type of ammunition guarantees an accurate shot, minimizing the risk of injury to the animal and optimizing hunting success. Of course, in addition to the right equipment, it is very important to know your shooting distance through trial and error , which he tells us about here in Facebook publications ( here is another link to know the range of your rifle)


Learn more about tungsten

Who is Mario Huot?

Questions & Answers about Fall Wild Turkey Hunting

Q: When is the best time to hunt wild turkey in the fall?
R : The gathering time is ideal. Turkeys gather together to eat and spend the winter, providing a unique opportunity for hunters.

Q: What are the essential equipment for this hunt?
R : A good set that has the right camouflage, a rifle whose firing range is well known, suitable ammunition (Mario Huot loves the new tungsten bullets), then complete for effective calls like the "kee kee run" are essential .

Q: Why choose tungsten despite its high cost?
R : Tungsten guarantees precise and efficient shots, reducing the risk of injuring the animal and ensuring better performance. 

Q: What are the specific challenges of fall turkey hunting?
A: In the fall, turkeys are not mating, making some calls less effective. Patience and strategy are therefore crucial to success. Good to know: unlike spring hunting, both male and female can be harvested. However, since the female is much smaller than the male, you should expect to have less meat to cook.

By following Mario Huot's advice and adopting good practices, fall wild turkey hunting can become a rewarding and memorable experience.