Bien choisir ses vêtements chauffants pour homme et femme

Choosing the right heated clothing for men and women

The heat at the rendezvous! 

Choosing the right heated clothing for men and women

Don't let the weather keep you inside. Let our heated clothing help you stay warm and comfortable outdoors no matter what the thermometer reads. Our Sportchief collection of heated clothing can get you through all the sub-zero variations without letting the cold get in the way of your fun.

A text from the Sportchief team

Heated clothing for men and women: improve your comfort 

After having seen our homes diversify the sources of heating technology to face the winters, now our clothes can also help us through the big cold periods and offer you a little heat at (almost) will. We offer coats (with or without sleeves) and heating accessories for men and women in which there are heating elements that distribute the heat perfectly. You can choose between jackets with sleeves, jackets with sleeves, mittens or gloves and even stockings! All are designed to keep you warm in cold weather.

The external battery, hidden inside the product, allows heat to be activated throughout the latter, and therefore, throughout your body; exactly the same tendency to do a little stoking to have a quick heating in the household! You will be able to keep your chest, back, arms and hands warm, with constant heat, and thus become more resistant to the cold!

On the product, you will find a circular button allowing you to activate the heating function according to its different intensity levels, and to switch between three levels of heat settings. It's simple: the more you freeze, the more you increase the heat level. Just adapt and make the perfect marriage between technology and your own body heat. 

If you're taking a break from your snowshoe birdwatching trip and the cold is starting to set in, it's time to activate the magic function of your coat, jacket or accessories. Whether the weather conditions are favorable or not, our winter jackets with heating technology remain the key! 

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How long does the battery last? 

Are you a bit chilly or totally chilly type? Obviously, the answer to this question will tend to influence the duration of the battery. But whatever its use, it is worth its weight in gold in terms of comfort. 

At high current, the battery will drain faster and the reverse is also true, at low current, the battery will retain its reserves longer. Nevertheless, here is a short guide that will give you a good idea:  

  • For the mitten or glove, it takes 5 to 6.5 hours (low), 3.5 to 4.5 hours (medium) or 2 to 2.5 hours (high).
  • Similarly, for the jacket, it takes 5 to 6 hours (low), 3.5 to 4.5 hours (medium) or 2 to 3 hours (high).

Once you're done playing outside, just put the batteries in the charger and you'll be good to go again. 


Using the Sportchief Heated Jacket

Our polyester windproof jacket can be worn as a regular 3-season jacket or as a winter jacket. However, for added warmth, it could be used with an additional insulated jacket. For example, using a jacket or shell large enough to be worn over our heated jacket. 

Instructions for using a heated item

At the start of your winter activities, simply do not activate the heating function to avoid using the battery. When you need it, you can switch on the heat function for a break when you are inactive or simply to admire the landscapes around you. A blast of heat against your back and your chest will thus arrive at the very moment when you could have shivered. 


Tested and approved: perfect products for you

Some questions often come up about heated clothing. Let's do the overview together. 

Does the battery hinder our movements during activities? No, the garments have been tested and approved by a team, which confirms to us that the location of the battery was carefully chosen at the time of its creation. 

Heating products: who are they for? For sports enthusiasts and Sunday lovers, they provide extra warmth during breaks when active, on the top of a mountain, in the chairlift or simply because they don't like the cold. Gloves or mittens keep the fingers warm for those who have blood circulation problems, and therefore prevent them from warming up effectively.

What is the warranty for heated items? Heated garments are guaranteed for one year on their electrical components. These include the charging unit, the battery, the heating wires inside the garment and the ignition button. Moreover, you should know that the batteries retain their properties for nearly 500 charge cycles.



Good to know

- Choose well-fitting clothes to maximize their warmth potential.

- You can use the principle of layers of clothing, putting the heated jacket over your favorite underwear, and complete with a windproof shell. 

- Gloves and mittens are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable hand warmers that are thrown away after each use.

- The battery is not the same for the jacket as the mittens, and therefore, you will not be able to interchange them.

- Heated clothing and thermal clothing are two commonly used synonyms, but should not be confused with insulated clothing or winter coat which ultimately only has an insulating lining inside the product. All are outerwear, however, but you have to rely on the heating technology for a little extra heat boost.