Chasse et pêche : les recommandations des ambassadeurs Sportchief

Hunting and fishing: recommendations from Sportchief ambassadors

Jason Tremblay Morneau, hunter and Sportchief collaborator

In the eyes of Jason Tremblay Morneau, the Sportchief brand has been a true classic since he started hunting. “When I was younger, Sportchief were always there. They were always the ones with the biggest names. »

Almost 25 years later, not only does the hunter have a collection to his name, but he is still a fan of Sportchief products. He particularly likes the collection of fishing G3, as well as and Dynamo, which he claims to wear regularly on a daily basis: “I am a commercial fisherman the rest of the time, and sun not sun, I always have my Dynamo beanie on my head, because the water hardly gets in! »

To amateurs who practice deer hunting, Jason Tremblay Morneau recommends the popular Hunting kit Ghost, especially for its comfort: “When you’re seated, when it’s colder, it really does the job! We're comfortable in it, we're not stuck, that's what's fun. »

Daniel Gilbert, promoter of the Chasse Pêche film tour

Two products particularly caught Daniel Gilbert's attention: "In summer, we wear raincoats Poseidon G3 (for him and for her), as much for the beginner amateur as for the professional amateur. Rain gear is never easy. We often come with wet buttocks, but with the Poseidon G3, Sportchief really went up a step on the rain gear side! »

For the beginning of the season, the hunter recommends the sets Windshield, particularly the edition signed by his friend Jason Tremblay Morneau, which does not include a membrane, (*) for an extremely silent result: “For us, [during filming], silence is essential. The beginner as the professional is able to use these clothes, and they can do the job as much for one as for the other. (*Psitt... We know how eagerly awaited the Windshield coat by Jason Morneau-Tremblay! The whole team is working very hard to offer you a new arrival soon. )

In late season, Daniel Gilbert turns to the new set Ghost. “It is really superb! He has a diaper polar fleece and is really quiet. I give it a rating of 10/10! It really is an innovative product,” he says, adding that he thinks Sportchief make great products.

Dan Lavoie, moose hunting guide

Like his colleagues, Dan Lavoie reminds us that when hunting, silence is golden. This is why he strongly recommends theWindshield set, Jason Tremblay Morneau edition. “When I fell with this garment, phew! he exclaims. Me, I like to show myself as a moose, being black or dark black thanks to this garment. It looks like a jogger, it is so comfortable. Someone who dresses in soft on Sunday, it's almost like that! And so quiet, it's unbelievable. » For late fall hunters, he recommends the Ghost, which is in his opinion the best combo between warmth and silence.

Dan Lavoie also claims to be a big fan of Poseidon G3, which he describes as “on the big tick”. He also uses outdoor clothing to carry out field surveys during the summer: “I love outdoor clothing. It's tough, and when you're walking in the forest and grabbing branches, you need tough pants, and Sportchief offers that with the trousers Oxford. »

Mario Huot, founder of Adventure Express

According to Mario Huot, at the base of all good hunting gear is a raincoat. As a hunter in many territories in North America, he particularly likes the set Predator : " It's the suit I have on my back almost full time in North America. It does the job 100%! »

For hunting in places far from Quebec, Mario Huot recommends the Windshield hunting coat, in X-Unity Light colorway. Indeed, the lighter colors, the windproof aspect and the water-repellent properties of the coat make it a versatile product, ideal for many territories with various weather conditions: "If you go to Africa, to Newfoundland, to the rocks in British Columbia, the colors are perfect. If you want to be sure not to miss your shot, this is the ideal product. » 

Raymond Carignan, professional fisherman behind Passion Plein Air

Sportchief products, Raymond Carignan has his fishing bag full. “There are a lot of essentials! The tackle box is really disgusting! With the fishing rod attached afterwards, that's really well thought out. THE Navigator fishing backpack is always with me, it's all in there! No matter the weather, he is always with me. He also mentions being impressed with the news. explorer cooler.

Raymond Carignan being a fisherman, raincoats are obviously popular: “I love the Poseidon G3, I always have it with me, I faced the worst deluges with it! For ice fishing, he recommends heated clothing from Sportchief: “I went to the Saguenay Fjord with this. It is unique in the world, but it is very cold! New heated coat with the lithium battery was very useful. » See the new collection