Des vêtements de chasse à l'épreuve de l’Ouest et du Yukon

Western Canada and Yukon proof hunting clothes

The partnership between Kevin Langlois and Sportchief is not new. The one who is now a videographer for the Côté-Réco group, owner of the Sportchief banner, was first an ambassador for the brand in the company of his father, with whom he went to the West and the Yukon to hunt deer and moose.

Kevin Langlois says that these many trips took place in sometimes extreme conditions, circumstances that allowed them to validate the performance of Sportchief clothing and boots.


The pride of the hunters pierces the screen. We see from left to right: Réal Langlois then Kevin, with their hard-earned trophy.


 “My father and I are very active hunters during the fall period. We start at the end of August and we finish at the end of November, so we use the products for almost 3 months, he says. When we were in the Yukon, we were in virgin forests, without roads, including several trails formerly burned and left in their natural state, filled with stumps and fallen trees. But it was not forests like in Quebec! We were always in the extreme, so we test the products more than occasional hunters. »

After more than ten years of testing products during these expeditions, Kevin Langlois is of the opinion that the collections offered by Sportchief over the past few years have set the bar very high on the market:

“The new products released over the past 2 years are impressive. One of my favorites is the suit Windshield, which is really a good product. We also used the set a lot. Dynamo, a good in-between, which I consider to be the best of all seasons. »

As a videographer and photographer, Kevin Langlois says he has a big crush on the new camo The Ripper :

"It's been my favorite since Sportchief has been around! Not only is it effective in camouflage in our boreal forests, but in addition, the clothing punchent Really. A photographer couldn't be happier! » 

Among these, it denotes the Wilson, mentioning in passing that  “everyone who tries it will have a trip”.

As for boots, the hunter has rather particular tastes, admitting to preferring boots to traditional rubber boots:

"I've always been a fan of Sportchief boots, so I'm more of a Vortex or Panther. He also advises hunters to always bring 2 pairs of boots on their hunting trips: “We walk a lot, and we end up having sore feet, it feels good to alternate the pair of boots. »

The West and the Yukon: for different hunts

Like Mario Huot, who listed, in interview with Sportchief, the differences between turkey hunting in Quebec and that in New York State, Kevin Langlois also underlines the particularities of the West and the Yukon as hunting territories.

“The mentality is different. In Quebec, we have family hunts, while in the West, hunting is focused on the territory and the protection of animals.  

The ratio between males and females is not the same. In Quebec, it is difficult to bring a buck, whereas there, it is 2 females for 1 buck. If you do rattling (clapping) you're going to see 2 or 3 bucks come out, but that never happens here! In Quebec, we hunt a lot with bait, while in the West, we hunt with calls.

With the calling technique, moose hunting methods in Quebec and the Yukon are very similar:

“The ratio is not as intense as deer. Moose are more wary in Quebec. Here they know what a human is, they may have been shot before, while there they may never have met one. We saw them, the moose, and sometimes they had no idea who we were. »

To experience a successful hunt, Kevin Langlois advises paying particular attention to ensuring that hunting clothing does not take on odours:

Tip from a Pro

“You have to be careful that there is as little contact as possible with any fragrant substance: cooking, food, smoke, perfume, petrol… In the off season, you can store them in a bag with fir trees, in a guard -dress or garage without gasoline odor, and should be washed with odorless soap. You have to try to have the most natural smell possible, for example by using an odorless deodorant, etc. »

Even if the time when he went hunting with his father for 3 months is over, Kevin Langlois happily remembers his first hunts, and especially one memory in particular:

“The first time I killed a moose in the Yukon with my dad. I am a big fan of deer at the base, my father is the opposite, he likes moose. The Alaskan-Yukon Moose is really not the same as a Canadian Moose, it's really bigger, very impressive. » 

He continues: “That year, the hunt was very difficult. The wolves were omnipresent on the territory, but we always saw the same male, which we had baptized Superstar and which I was able to take a picture of several times. Finally, two days before leaving, we spotted a very beautiful buck in the distance. My dad and I made an approach, and even though the buck wasn't very receptive, my dad still managed to outsmart him, at the very end, allowing me to bow him in. It all took place against a beautiful backdrop, with the sun setting across the mountains. My father was very moved. On video, I was only seen from behind, but I was just as speechless, speechless… It happened so quickly. » 

The hunter intends to continue the tradition with his own children, who will soon be old enough to start hunting, and who will also be dressed as Sportchief!