La formation de chasse, un investissement rentable

Hunting training, a profitable investment

Moose hunting is an exciting activity that requires a lot of preparation, patience and skill. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, it's always helpful to get some training to improve your techniques and increase your chances of success. In this article, I will explain to you why it is important to follow a hunting training by a professional guide, the reasons that pushed me to this option, my results since that time and the friendship and the passion that brought us together. in a common team. 

A text by Valérie Gauthier, hunter and Sportchief ambassador


Why take guided hunting training? 

The moose is a large deer, a majestic animal, but also very suspicious and intelligent. To hunt moose, you need to know its habits, its habitat, its vocalizations and its behavior during the rut and the hunting seasons. 

You must also be well equipped with good equipment, such as a bow, adapted and adjusted rifle, adequate clothing that does not make noise, a call horn, decoys, etc.

Moose hunting training will allow you to acquire all this knowledge and skills while benefiting from the advice of an experienced guide. 

You will learn the best techniques for tracking moose by understanding the animal as well as the strengths and limitations of hunting approaches concerning it. 

Some hunting guides give training online, others offer training directly in the classroom and in the field. The advantage of being face-to-face is that you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in real conditions.

What got me interested in guided training? 

First in 2019, my son was invited on a trip as a young successor on the Sépaq network. It was during this trip that we met moose hunting guide Jason Tremblay Morneau. It was he who was going to guide Davely Lavoie, my son, on this moose hunting trip. I had the chance to accompany them a few times in the field during this trip. I was so impressed to see Jason with the moose. Before that day, I was more used to hunting in a watchtower. It's official that after this experience, my plans were going to change. 

My son, at that time only 16 years old, arched a mature buck with a 50 inch wingspan from just 8 yards away: a trophy! I can tell you that my son was already a big fan, but Jason had just made a solid crack! 

Moose harvested by Davely Lavoie guided by Jason temblay Morneau

A rather impressive trip return! 

When we returned to Abitibi, on the first day of hunting, my partner David, Davely's father, told Davely to put into practice what he had learned with Jason. After only 45 minutes, he brought out a young buck in front of their eyes just a few feet away. In just such a short time, he had already learned so much and understood so much with this guide. In 2020, Davely was only on his second day of bow hunting, precisely on September 6, at the very start of the season. He managed to harvest a bull moose still with the antlers on the velvet using techniques learned from guide Jason Tremblay Morneau.

Buck harvested with a bow by Davely Lavoie in 2020 


Conclusive results! 

With the success and the results of Davely following the time alongside Jason, we decided to organize a guided training and bring Jason to Abitibi and to increase our knowledge as well, to know more about their behavior and how to react to situations and to benefit other hunting enthusiasts. 


Training given by Jason Tremblay Morneau in 2021 in Abitibi 


Results after training  

The fall following Jason's passing, we had many successful hunters who confirmed that their investment in training has proven to be very profitable. Here are some personal results from my hunting season and that of my family since training. Photos that speak for themselves.  

Moose harvested in 2021 by Valérie Gauthier 


Moose harvested by David Lavoie in 2021 
Approach performed at only 2 meters by David Lavoie, Valérie Gauthier and Tommy Genesse. 


Male and female moose approach at 15 meters by Valérie Gauthier and David Lavoie.

Moose harvested by Tommy Genesse in 2022.


Orignal harvested with a bow by Davely Lavoie in 2022. 


The ‘Beast’ back in training at Normetal  

Following the request of many hunters, we brought Jason back last June for training. His pleasantly shared knowledge and knowledge will surely give excellent results and we can only wish them good luck!   




A common passion, a friendship united at the heart of the same team  

Beyond a hunting trip made together, a friendship that has developed, we share the same passion: hunting. Because we also have that in common, caring about the details. It is surely no coincidence that we are united at the heart of the same Sportchief team. 


Valérie Gauthier and Jason Tremblay Morneau. 

We are here to test, improve and bring you the best year after year! 

For moose lovers, here is precisely the perfect model for you: the brand new "Hunting Beast" set, the Jason Tremblay Morneau edition, available for men and women. Practical, with all the added features, silent and of unequaled comfort! 


Introducing the all new Beast of the Hunt set, the Jason Tremblay Morneau Edition, available for men and women. 


And bref 

Finally, following a hunting course with an experienced guide, whoever he is, is a gift that we offer ourselves and who will follow us during all our outings in nature to succeed in fooling our king of the forests. Because it must be said, we are spoiled in Quebec. I met Jason, but I know that there are a good number of experienced trainers.

Training with a guide will allow you to live an enriching and friendly experience, sharing your passion with other hunters. You will be able to share your tips, your anecdotes and your hunting memories with the whole group, except with your hunting neighbor ahahh!  

Seriously, what could be better than spending a day with a dozen enthusiasts, talking and increasing our knowledge about hunting. 

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to share it with your hunting friends and leave me a comment and your opinions on your hunting experiences. 

With this final word, I wish you a season that lives up to your expectations. 

Good hunt! 

Valerie Gauthier