Cuisine sur le feu

Cooking on fire

Knowing how to start a good fire is the starting point for successful wild cooking, especially during the fall hunt and its cooler temperatures. This source of heat will be as useful for you to prepare the meal as to warm the camp in which you have found refuge.

The key is to prepare your mise en place well before you start cooking. Cut the vegetables, mix the spices and oils and brine your meats. You will increase your chances of success during your hunting "food", hoping of course that it was successful.

Once the fire is well lit, you must make sure to always keep a nice ember. It will be used, among other things, to roast food. Also heat some medium-sized rocks in the fire and place them near it. The hot rocks will be used for indirect cooking and for the stove. You can also use branches to form a support that you will install over the fire to braise the meats.

Finally, do not forget to extinguish the fire before leaving your improvised kitchen!

 - Kim Poirier