Men's Hunting Coats and Jackets

At Sportchief, we understand the importance of comfort during long hours of hunting. That's why our coats and jackets are designed to offer an ergonomic fit, allowing for freedom of movement optimal without compromising protection. Additional features, such as adjustable sleeves, elastic cuffs and adjustable hems, ensure a personalized and comfortable fit. 

Whether you are into bow hunting, waterfowl hunting or mountain hunting, our Sportchief men's hunting coats and jackets give you the performance and reliability you need for successful hunting adventures. Trust our expertise and our commitment to quality, and get ready for unforgettable hunting experiences.

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19 products

19 products

Hunting coat for men Express 2.0 sportchief
“Wilson” hunting jacket for men sportchief
Men's hunting coat "The Hunting Beast" Jason T. Morneau's Collection sportchief
"Rode-liner" jacket for men camo The Ripper sportchief
Men's Rode-liner Water Resistant Jacket sportchief
Hunting jacket with "Windshield" membrane for men sportchief
Fleece hunting jacket for men sportchief
Hunting coat "Ghost" for men sportchief
“Dynamo 2.0” hunting coat for men sportchief
Hunting camo coat for men "Predator" sportchief
"Dynamo" hunting coat for men sportchief
From $179.99
Hunting coat "Chaparal" for men sportchief
"Voltage" winter hunting jacket for men (2 camos) sportchief
Stalking and hunting men's coat orange sportchief
Heated coat with hood for man sportchief
Men's "Jupiter" hunting coat sportchief
Heated coat for men sportchief
Heated sleeveless jacket for men sportchief
Hunting coat for men "Phoenix" camo Deep Forest sportchief