Neck warmer & Combo for hunting

      4 products

      4 products

      Face cover "The Hunting Beast" Jason T. Morneau's Collection sportchief
      Neck warmer "Light" base layer sportchief
      Combo "Beanie and neck warmer" classic sportchief
      Tuque "Light" base layer, several camos sportchief

      Our hunting neck warmers are carefully designed to provide hunters with the ultimate protection from the elements while maintaining the comfort and discretion needed for a successful hunt. 

      Made with premium materials, our neck gaiters are durable and hard-wearing, allowing you to use them season after season.

      Whether you're an avid hunter or a seasoned professional, our neck gaiters are the essential accessory to stay warm, dry and ready for action on your outdoor adventures.

      Have you found your pair of camo hunting boots ? Your backpack?