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7 products

7 products

Women's "Athena High 1000" hunting boots sportchief
"Panther 2.0" hunting boot for men sportchief
"Panther 2.0" laced hunting boot for women sportchief
Rubber boot "Rush 2.0" for men sportchief
From $189.99
Rubber boot "Rush 3.0" for woman sportchief
"Vortex" hunting boots for men sportchief
Men's "Grizzly 2.0" rubber boot sportchief

Primaloft insulations offer a synthetic alternative to natural down. They have similar compressibility and warmth characteristics, while being water repellent. This characteristic allows them to retain their thermoregulating properties even in the presence of humidity, making them an ideal choice for outdoor activities in humid or rainy conditions. Plus, their similar weight to natural downs makes them a practical option for adventurers who want to travel light while staying warm. Primaloft insulation is an effective and reliable solution to staying warm in all weather conditions.