Men's socks Sportchief "Charlie" gray
Men's socks Sportchief "Charlie" gray

Men's socks Sportchief "Charlie" gray


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Sportchief "Charlie" men's socks, gray

60% coolmax, 38% nylon, 2% lycra

What are Coolmax stockings? 

Designed for all seasons, Coolmax socks wick moisture away from your feet to keep you dry. Whether you're biking, jogging, walking, or working out at the gym, Coolmax/nylon/spandex moisture-wicking yarns are a durable, high-performance alternative to everyday moisture-wicking cotton socks.

Coolmax fabrics are made from specially designed polyester fibers with increased surface area. This special four- or six-channel fiber provides a transport system that draws moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric.

designed to improve breathability compared to natural fibers