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Blend in with nature

Hugo Strong

This new camouflage is a perfect combination of green, brown and white, representing conifers, birches, aspens or oaks, strong like our strongman Hugo Girard.

The Ripper

Finally, a camouflage that allows you to blend in completely with our boreal forests! Sportchief has taken up the feat of superimposing different materials to obtain a camouflage that will allow both hunters and nature walkers to get ever closer to wildlife. 


The Iceland camo is actually a monochrome version, on a white base, of the Deep Forest camo. This camo excels when used to blend into the snowy terrain unique to the north of the continent

Developped by Sportchief, the camouflage series X-Unity is hybrid. The camo X-Unity combines both the realism of traditional HD camos with the more abstract and less detectable shapes of digital camos. The result is a versatile camo available in several colors to match the different reliefs and types of vegetation in which you like to hunt.

X-Unity Dark

With its shades of green, black and beige, camo X-Unity DARK is ideal for blending in with the relief of the Boreal forest consisting mainly of conifers, with a few species of deciduous trees.

X-Unity Light

The X-Unity LIGHT is a paler variation that blends into the autumnal relief and the plains of the different western regions.

X-Unity Black

In the wake of so-called "tactical" camos, the X-Unity BLACK is a monochromatic version perfect for the critical period of sunrise and sunset hunting.

Deep Forest

Traditional camouflage designed by Sportchief designers, the High Definition Deep Forest camo is an arrangement of several layers of camouflage to give a 3D perspective representing the typical mixed forest of the North American continent.

Mossy Oak Break Up Country

Designed by the company Mossy Oak, the Break-Up Country camo has earned a place of choice among hunters because it is very versatile. The depth of its design as well as the colors and plant species used make it a must for hunting.